Why I’m So Bad at Pre-Travelling

There’s so many different aspects of travelling, including the pre-travel; what “needs” to get done before you depart. I’ll let you know I’m not all that great at it. Come find out the different ways.

Travelling isn’t all about the adventures. There has to be a planning stage, to some degree. Where are you going? How long are you staying? Where are you staying? Who are you going with? How are getting there? What should you pack? How much money should you bring? And so many more minute details. Sometimes it’s exhausting just thinking about it!
diary-2116244_1920For some people, everything is laid out way in advance. From every meal to every hotel to every tour. The itineraries are printed. Bags are packed. Hotels and flights booked. Cars rented. Credit card companies have been called. House and pet sitters have been arranged. All this done weeks, or even months in advance.

Now enter: Larissa. By now, everyone should know I love travelling. But you might not know that it’s actually a love/hate relationship. I love the adventure of travelling. New foods? New cultures? New sights? New friends? Sign me up! But packing and planning for my trip? I’d rather not.

It’s odd really. Because when I find out I’m going on a trip, the first thing I think of is luggage-1081872_1920what I need to pack. I make all these mental {and sometimes physical} notes of what I need and what I’ll need to buy. But when it comes to actually packing, trust me when I say I will find anything else to do. Two shirts in the suitcase…oh wait…I forgot to finish my game of Spider Solitaire. Next day. 3 pairs of shorts in my bag. But wait. I forgot. I’m hungry. Can’t pack on an empty stomach. It’ll go on like this for days {with a lot of days me counting looking at my bag as “packing” for that day} until it’s the night before I depart. Even then, you’ll find me laying on my bed reading or playing a game, before you’ll find me packing. Somehow it all gets done though, and I seem to rarely forget things. I’m just as surprised as you!

Planning is just about as bad. I’ll have a general sense of what I want to do, what I wantstartup-593327_1920 to see, what I’d like to try. It’s the logistics that get me. Finding out dates, times, and reservations. I’ll have a list of things I want to do, and sights I want to see. Scheduling them into specific dates and coordinating the time spent at each location is such a struggle for me. I usually wing it in this category. It’s worked out well for me so far, but I know I can maximize my time, money, and energy if I would just plan ahead!

I live for the day that I’m packed, planned, and ready to go weeks before I depart. Hahaha…that day will probably never come, so I’ll settle for days before, or even a day. Are there certain aspects of pre-travelling that you struggle with? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I know, I’m such a procrastinator as well! But I think it’s kind of fun to wing it sometimes and just let whatever happens happen 🙂 Great blog!!

  2. I’m so bad at pre-travel, too – even worse now that I have to worry about my husband getting ready, too! We ALWAYS get in a fight right before we have to leave for the airport, and then we’re always running late – we need to start planning ahead for that, haha!

    1. Oh goodness! I can only imagine the stress about worrying for two people. I can mentally “plan”for myself, but I can’t for anyone else. I’m always running late too. Glad to know I’m not alone in this!!

  3. I love the planning stage. I love thinking about packing but not actually doing it, if that makes sense.

  4. As I’m reading this, I’m procrastinating on packing for a trip that I leave on tonight…oops!! This is honestly so true.

    1. Sometimes the ‘during travel’ does get overwhelming. But I hope never so much, you’re not able to enjoy yourself. And post-travel, I’m never ready to return back to reality!

  5. i really try not to pack and over-analyze this kind of stuff. I find that half the things I thought I needed, I never touched. Now, I just throw some things in a bag and bring some essentials and if I REALLY NEED something I can buy it there, or do without for a time. Thanks for the post. It made me laugh because, I have been there. I wrote a post called the Art of Letting It Go on my blog it has become my travel philosophy. Cheers!

    1. I’m the same way. I overpack ALL the time, even when I think I’m not. Maybe one day I’ll get it. I even tell myself, if you REALLY need it, you can buy it when you get there. I’m glad my post made you laugh 🙂 I’ll check yours out tonight. Maybe it will help me on my future travels!

  6. I connect with this on such a deep level haha. I literally plan a trip the night before the flight. I pack in exactly the same way then end up forgetting what i’ve even packed in the end! It’s such a risky business. It’s always much more fun your way though.
    Kate || http://www.katerattley.com

    1. Oh my gosh yes. Cleaning before leaving is a whole other story! Coming home to a clean house is the best thing ever. But getting the house to be clean WHILE trying to pack and plan is the struggle!

  7. I travel a lot for work, and one thing I’ve really learned is that almost every kind of unprepared-ness can be compensated for. In fact, most things that go wrong on a trip in general really aren’t a big deal- so long as you don’t get hurt, die, or go to prison, you can salvage nearly anything that goes wrong. So now I’m so casual about preparation that it looks like lack of preparation. Just throw some things in a bag and figure out anything you’re missing when you get there. (It also doesn’t hurt that I already know which clothes are good for travel, and have mini toiletries always ready, because I do it so often.)

    1. You know, that’s very true! I tel myself that even if I forget something, I can get whatever it is there. As long as I have my wallet, my phone, & my contacts/glasses, I’m good to go. But for some reason my brain doesn’t quite get that! Hahaha maybe one day. And that’s such a good idea to have mini toiletries always packed. That would save me quite some time!

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