Travelling the World Full-Time…Or Not…

Travelling the world full-time sounds like a requirement for a travel blogger, but is it really? Come find out my thoughts on the matter and where I fit into it all!

“You’re a travel blogger? Oh, you must travel ALL the time!”

‘Yes, I’m a travel blogger; however, I don’t travel all the time. I just like to think I travel a lot.”

“Oh…you’re off to somewhere else again?”


These are the two main questions I get and I expect when people discover that I have a travel blog. As a travel blogger, I feel others expect me to travel full-time and blog about my experiences. As incredible as that would be to do one day, I am definitely nowhere near reaching that stage in my life quite yet. People in my life believe I travel all the time and are not surprised when I’m off to a new location. They make it seem like I’m off to some exotic destination every other weekend, and unfortunately, that’s just not the case.

world-1264062_1920Contrary to popular belief, there are travel bloggers out there that do not travel full time. I cannot share with you any advice on going to Antarctica, Asia, or Australia, for I have not been {yet}. I can’t share my own pictures of Iceland, India, or Iraq, for these destinations are still on my ‘to-visit’ list. I have yet to stay in a hostel, and I’m itching to try an all-inclusive resort. I’ve never seen a desert in person and the 7 Wonders are all still on my bucket list. There is so much more for me to do and experience, that when I think of what I have done, it doesn’t seem like anything!

I discover other travel blogs, and it’s so easy to compare myself and my blog to theirs. Well by comparing, I mean by telling myself that there is no comparison. Why would anyone choose to come to my little blog, and what could they possibly learn from my page that they couldn’t glean from another site? There are travel bloggers out there that seem to have seen it all, and done it all. Some of them even get paid to travel the globe and document their adventures! They cover the smallest towns to the largest cities, and everything in between.

As I’m progressing through my journey of blogging, I’m realizing thereAnd then I realized adventures are the best way to learn is no “correct” way of being a travel blogger. I started blogging because I have a deep passion for travelling, and I wanted to share that. I am not the most well-travelled individual that you will meet…and that’s okay. Instead, I strive to share my unique experiences and inspire others to travel the world for themselves. I want to showcase different places, sights, foods, cultures, and people. Every opportunity I get to explore a foreign city, town, space, or event, I’m thrilled! I want to learn from the world, and I want to teach others about it.

What words or phrases come to your mind when you think of travel bloggers? Should one be well-travelled to start a travel blog, or is having a deep passion enough? Let me know what you think in the comments!

19 thoughts on “Travelling the World Full-Time…Or Not…”

  1. This is a lovely post 🙂 As a new travel blogger (my blog is just over 1 month old) I really relate to this post – I’m leaving for long-term travel in a few months so right now I just write about planning, travel stories and updates.

  2. Yes!! I so feel the same way. I think passion IS enough, but I know what you mean, sometimes I feel like a fraud because I don’t think I’ve been to “enough” places

    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself! Sometimes I can’t help but compare myself, but then I have to tell myself to remember it’s about the experiences had, not necessarily the number of places been. Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. I think you’ve expressed what a lot of us feel! I did a lot of traveling back in college and soon after but hit a major slowdown when I had my two kids. I blog about a lot of things but have trouble narrowing to travel only because I’m not off traveling full-time. I completely agree with your sentiments about teaching.

    1. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who feels this way! As you also read, I understand the struggle of blogging about travel while not travelling full-time. Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. I don’t think you have to go abroad to be a travel blogger if you go places closer to home and share your experiences people are interested in that.

    1. I agree with you as well! The world is such a grande place, it’s easy to forget about places close to home. But there are lots of people who would love to learn what those places have to offer!

  5. Awe. The first thing I though when reading this, was that you shouldn’t compare yourself! Your blog is beautiful and uniquely yours as that’s why I’ve read it numerous times! Btw – you’ve traveled MUCH more than me haha so think of it that way!

    What I think about for a travel blog is just someone that loves to get away and have new experiences! I don’t have any limits set in my mind of how often they need to be somewhere. But that’s just me, maybe? love this post though – thanks for being vulnerable! 🙂

    1. Thank YOU for your comment 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoy my blog…you just made my day! Maybe I’m overthinking and over-analyzing here with comparisons and limitations. I tend to do that 🙂 I’m working on it though!

  6. I love travel too and share your passion for travel. I believe having a passion for the topic you are blogging about is half the battle. Our passion for the topic and enthusiasm will shine through in your words and that makes it an interesting read. I live in Australia, so for me, reading about the places you have visited will be just as exciting to me as it would be for you to hear about all the places I have visited here in Australia. Just because you have not travelled to every location on a world map does not make you any less interesting or informative than someone who has.
    I can feel your passion through your writing and to me, that is more interesting to read than someone who has seen it all and shares dot point reviews. If you enjoy it, that’s all that matters. Don’t give up – you have a passion and if you enjoy it – who cares what everyone else has done.
    I am keen to read more about your travels. Subscribing <3

    1. Thank you for your kind words!! I’m so happy to hear that my passion for travelling is coming across to readers 🙂 And you are so right! I guess I never really thought about it like that. Thank you for helping me to shift my viewpoint!

  7. I love this. I’d like to think of myself as a world traveler as well even though I’m not constantly on the go. Gotta pay for it somehow right? (; There’s so much more that goes into traveling, like packing tips or planning. You do you girl!

    1. Thank you! I feel ya girl. How can I travel if I don’t make some money in-between time? But every opportunity I get, I go 🙂 And yes, there’s so much more to travelling than the adventure of it all!

  8. I think having a passion is a great start, that will get you traveling more! And writing from the heart – there ain’t no substitute for that! Keep at it! I’m still trying to do the same and just write more!

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