A Day in the Life in Antarctica

If visiting the 7 continents is a bucket list item, then you’ll eventually make your way to Antarctica. Curious to know what a day in Antarctica looks like? I’m sharing what my typical day looked like when I was onboard the Ocean Endeavor with Intrepid. I also published two other posts on the continent. Check out the general Antarctica guide, which includes a price breakdown, and this detailed packing list.

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The Ultimate Antarctica Packing Guide

I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t expect to be able to say that I’ve visited Antarctica so early in my life. It seems like such a faraway concept and place, but I was able to make it happen. Read about that here. You can imagine I was pretty frantic about what to pack, especially since I live in Georgia, United States (hello warm weather almost all the time) and since I was only planning to bring a carryon. Somehow I managed to pack everything I needed and then some. I’ll share exactly what I packed, what I could have left behind, and if I felt like I missed anything. Without further ado, the ultimate Antarctica packing guide.

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Antarctica: A Guide to Visiting

Antarctica – the Great White Continent. It’s so wild to me that I was able to visit. I’m still processing the entire trip. This was the biggest trip of my life, in terms of pricing, packing, and planning. In this guide to visiting Antarctica, I’m sharing everything from how I booked my trip, to pricing, to what to pack, and everything in-between! I hope this serves as guide to help you adequately prepare for your own trip to the Great White Continent!

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