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Welcome back to Feature Friday! Today we have Valerie as our guest blogger. Valerie started blogging back in 2014, and continues to share stories that inspire others to live their best life! She’s passionate about encouraging women to embrace body positivity, to feel confident, and to travel as much as possible. Continue reading to learn more about Valerie and her travels!

1. Thank you for being a part of Feature Friday. Can you ell us your name and a little bit about yourself?
Valerie, I am a style and travel blogger located in the Seattle area. I teach by day and blog at night. My blog is where chic and wanderlust meet. Style guides, fashion events, travel guides and stories, and stylish sewing content is what I am passionate about sharing.

2. What country do you call home?

3. Which city{s}/country{s} did you recently travel to?
Las Vegas Nevada, LA, San Diego, SFO, Palm Spring, Milwaukee, and Vancouver BC

4. How long was your journey?
This is off and on travel from the last year.

5. Why did you travel to these cities?
I love all these cities, so much fun and tourist type things offered. Some of them were to travel home, and some to see friends. 

6. What native dish was your favorite to eat?
French fries with vinegar or gravy (Canadian treats)

7. What was the most unique thing you ate?

8. What was your most unique mode of transportation?
Sky train

9. What was the weather like during your trip?
All these places were sunny and beautiful.

10. Where was your favorite place to go in the city? Why?
Granville Island, so many types of ethnic food, and cute shops.

11. What was the funniest thing that happened to you on this trip?
Nothing funny on this trip ha!

12. Did you learn anything during this trip?
That it can actually be sunny IN Vancouver in the middle of Feb!

13. What was the best part of your trip?
Visiting with an old school friend from grade school

14. What was the most challenging part of your trip?
The traffic downtown Vancouver is horrible and the parking was a huge challenge.

15. What is your favorite picture you took on this trip?
One of Granville Island with False creek in the background

16. How do these cities compare to your home country? Were your expectations met, or did they differ completely?
This trip was to my home 🙂

17. If you were to go to these cities again, what would you do differently?
Take public transportation

18. If someone else was to go to these cities, what advice or tips would you give them?
Have patience with the traffic, budge well – it’s a very expensive city, and leave lots of time to explore.

19. Do you have any more travel plans lined up? Where to next? 
Yes I do, I am going to Calgary Alta in a few weeks, Radium Hot Springs, a short stop in Kelowna BC and Banff. Then at the end of the month I am going back to Los Angeles. 

Thank you Valerie for taking the time to share about your trip. I have never been to Canada before, but I have heard great things about poutine, so I’m definitely excited to try that when I go. I actually haven’t been to any of the cities that you visited, but one day I will go! Safe travels on your next journey 🙂

Did you enjoy what you read? Get to know more about the blogger!

Valerie, who is originally from Vancouver, has relocated to the Seattle area for many years now. She’s a teacher by day and a blogger by night. She has a deep passion for both fashion and travelling, and combines the two loves through her blog. Connect with her at the following:

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11 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Meet Valerie”

      1. Awww! I feel so sad for those who have never tried poutine now! If you ever make it to Canada, look me up! I’ll take you to eat Canadian fries lol!

    1. I’m also curious about them. Although, I probably wouldn’t like them too much as I don’t like salt & vinegar chips. But who knows? It could be a completely different taste!

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