Feature Friday: Giraffe Manor

Happy Friday and welcome back to Feature Friday! When people think of travelling to Kenya, a lot of people dream of visiting the Giraffe Manor – at least I know I do. An exclusive boutique hotel that showcases giraffes as part of the experience is sure to draw travellers from all over the world. From social media, it seems as if the giraffes are literally right there with you during your stay – from dining with you through the window to seeing them living their life right outside your hotel room window. It truly seems like an experience of a lifetime. I haven’t been to the Giraffe Manor yet, but I did reach out to Keisha of @_keisha_la and Daniel of @distinctiontravels to share their experiences from visiting. Let’s see what they have to say:

1. Keisha and Daniel, thank you for deciding to be a part of Feature Friday. Could you tell us a little about yourself and what sparked your love for travel?

Keisha: Thank you for having me! I was born, raised and currently residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I am a Registered Nurse currently pursing and Advanced Practice Nursing degree. I never traveled growing up. It was when I entered the world of nursing I was exposed to coworkers woh were traveling the world. I thought I would give it a shot and after my first trip to the Caribbean, I was hooked.

Daniel: I am a travel content creator living in the Bay Area in California. I was one of the last of my friends to get a passport and I feel like I missed a lot of travel opportunities because I didn’t have one.

2. How did you first hear about the Giraffe Manor?

Keisha: I first heard of Giraffe Manor from Instagram of course. Seeing those classic “breakfast with the giraffes” photos floating around the ‘gram had me feeling like I needed to check the place out myself.

Daniel: I learned about Giraffe Manor on Instagram.

3. Can you describe your emotions when you officially booked your trip, and it wasn’t a matter of “if you were going”, but instead “when you were going”?

Keisha: I was anxious at first. I always have purchase anxiety when it comes to booking flights and hotel rooms for some reason. I’m usually thinking about the crazy amounts of money I’m spending and what if I have something that pops up where I can’t go on the trip. After getting over that, I was excited because (pre-COVID) it was difficult to snag a reservation at Giraffe Manor. I booked it in July 2019 and I went in October 2020. The day I chose was the only day available in 2020.

Daniel: I was extremely excited because I originally wanted to go to Giraffe Manor for Thanksgiving in 2019, but it was booked by the time I wanted to book it. I immediately turned my attention to 2020. I had to book a year in advance. It became real to me when I paid my deposit and I felt a big sense of relief.

4. What’s included in the price of booking a stay at the manor?

Keisha: Everything is included, even house wine and spirits. It ought to be because the price isn’t cheap!

Daniel: Giraffe Manor is all-inclusive, so it includes meals, snacks, transportation, and photography.

5. Were you at all scared or nervous about the giraffes on the property?

Keisha: I wasn’t nervous or scared about the giraffes. It’s a well known place and they have been operating for some time and I figured that they would have things under control. Plus I’m super adventurous and not much scares me.

Daniel: I felt comfortable with the giraffes because I had seen so many other people do it. I felt like if they could do it, I could too.

6. What was your favorite part about the manor?

Keisha: The giraffes of course. I booked a room that had giraffe access (not all rooms have this) where you can feed the giraffes in the morning directly from your balcony. It’s just more private (for picture taking) than in the common areas.

Daniel: My favorite thing about the manor was the old English architecture. I also loved the balcony in my room.

7. What was your least favorite part about the manor?

Keisha: My least favorite part was the price lol. But they really treat their guests well.

Daniel: I can’t really say there was anything I didn’t like.

8. Overall, did Giraffe Manor meet your expectations?

Keisha: It exceeded my expectations actually.

Daniel: When I put Giraffe Manor on my bucket list, I expected it to be a magical experience and it did not disappoint.

9. Do you have any advice for people who are considering making this trip?

Keisha: If you can afford it, just do it. You really only need one night there. I think that the experience is worth it.

Daniel: If you decide to visit Giraffe Manor during your trip to Kenya, have an open mind and make the most of it. Come prepared with the right outfits you want to wear and take it all in.

10. Anything else you want to share about your trip that we may have missed? Or any COVID precautions you want to share?

Keisha: Regarding COVID safety protocols, they took temperatures, encouraged social distancing, provided masks for guests who didn’t have any. There were hand-washing stations on property.

Daniel: Giraffe Manor has different room configurations that vary in price and accommodation. Something to take into consideration before moving forward.

Feature Friday: Giraffe Manor

Thank you to Keisha and Daniel for providing an opportunity for us to tag along their trips. It was incredible to hear of two first hand accounts of someone who travelled to Kenya and stayed at the Giraffe Manor. I hope to go there one day, as I’m sure you might as well. Good to know we need to plan to book at least one year in advance, and good to know it exceeded both of their expectations! Hopefully this post helped you gain a stronger understanding of how to make going to the Giraffe Manor a reality.

Is the Manor on your bucket list? If anyone has been to Giraffe Manor and wants to share their experiences, also please comment below! We’d love to hear the similarities and/or differences compared to Keisha and Daniel’s trips.

As always, thank you for taking the time for reading! If you’d like to more more about Keisha and Daniel, check out their bios below:

Lakeisha Davis, who goes by Keisha, is from the States – specifically Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a BSN prepared Certified Critical Care Nurse currently pursuing an Advanced Practice Nursing Degree. She discovered travel later in life. She took her first international trip at the age of 29. She’s 35 now and has been to 20 countries so far. She will be taking a break to focus on school. Well, she’s going to try to take a break, but it’s going to be hard to stay put in Philly. Follow along her journey on Instagram!

Daniel is a travel content creator living in California. Although he got his passport later than most of this friends, he definitely did not let that stop him from travelling the globe. He has been to many countries including Costa Rica, Kenya, Seychelles, Thailand, Spain, and many more. He takes phenomenal pictures and documents his adventures on Instagram – make sure to follow along!

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