Feature Friday: Father’s Day Edition

In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday, this Feature Friday showcases the different ways dads are celebrated around the world.

Just as we celebrated Mother’s Day, we’re back to pay tribute to the wonderful father figures out there around the world! Many of us have had fathers or father figures that have and continue to help us, guide us, support us, and provide for us. This Sunday, it’s Father’s Day in the United States. This day happens every year on the third Sunday of June. I was intrigued on if the day is celebrated around the world, and where it is, how they celebrate their dads. Come find out what I learned! 

Adele from Codemefy was kind enough to share her Father’s Day infographic calendar. Below you will find countries that celebrate Father’s Day, and which day they celebrate it on. Although countries may honor this on different days, they all have the same underlying meaning!


I was able to reach out to a few people and ask how they personally celebrate Father’s Day where ever they are located in the world. Here they are sharing their stories:

IMG_7580Laura from Argentina: “One of the biggest commitments an Argentinian have is with their family. Here, being close to your parents and siblings is mandatory. Family always come first, without hesitation. So, can you imagine how father’s day is? All the family get together in one house to honor the fathers of the family. Usually we have an asado (similar to a barbecue) for lunch, after that we spend the rest of the day together just talking, eating and enjoying each other’s company.” Find Laura on Facebook


Heather from North Carolina: “For Father’s Day, my immediate and extended family all gets together at our pond for a cookout. That’s what we have done for my whole life – everyone eats and fishes, which is what my dad (and other fathers in my family) love to do! We usually end the night with a family movie until we can’t stay awake anymore.”

Larry's FamilyLarry from California: “In our house, Father’s Day features breakfast in bed (but I’m up before everyone everyone, so I have to pop back in bed for whatever is served – coffee, cereal, toast & jam). Dinner in the afternoon (after church) is one of my choosing, plus dessert. At that dinner I can expect cards from the boys and my wife. The most memorable card was from son #1 that said with illustrations: “Happy Father’s Day to a Dad who walks the walk, talks the talk, swims the swim, runs the run…and naps the nap.”


Larissa from Haiti: “I was born in Haiti, but I don’t ever remember celebrating a Father’s Day there as we moved to the U.S. when I was very young. I asked my mom how the day is celebrated in Haiti, and she said it’s basically the same as in the U.S. Cards, lunches or dinners, and spending time with the family.”




Alice from Sweden: “We usually wake him up with breakfast in bed and give him a small present. Nowadays though I’ll send him a text and hopefully my brother will give him something nice from the both of us. Flowers are usually included.”

Claire from The United Kingdom: “For my husband’s first Father’s Day I thought it would be sweet to get him and our son matching tshirts, it really was nice and they look very cute together. He had waited nearly 15 years for a child, so I wanted him to really enjoy Father’s Day… it was also quite an easy gift to buy. The tradition continued and our daughter joined the family and so I found some tshirts with dad and child themes, which were perfect. As our third child arrived it was getting harder and harder to find suitable things – but of course now I’ve made it a ‘thing’ and so every year I have Father’s Day sorted as long as I can source the tshirts! We now have four kids, and so it’s an expensive tradition – but I wouldn’t change it now as it’s so wonderful to see them looking so connected each time xxx.”

Well there you have it. Several different ways this special day is celebrated around the world. Thank you to all the dads everywhere, for everything you’ve done! Whether you’re a birth father, an adoptive father, or a father figure in someone’s life, you are truly appreciated and deeply loved!

Where are you in this world? And how do you celebrate your dad? Let us know in the comments! Also, if you enjoyed this post, please share 🙂

26 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Father’s Day Edition”

  1. Loved this post! It was so interesting reading about other parts of the world and how they celebrate fathers. I, unfortunately, won’t be spending the day with my father tomorrow here in the USA but I was able to see him today and give him a card! Also, I really enjoyed that infographic you had permission to share- very cool! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I’m glad you were able to spend time with your dad, even if it’s not on the exact day. I’m so happy she allowed me to share her infographic. I agree with you — it’s very cool!!

  2. this is such a unique and insightful take on father’s day. ive never seen a blog post like this and im leaving in such the right heart space to celebrate my dads tomorrow. thank you so much for sharing <3.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment and for taking the time to read! I love learning about how people celebrate the same day, but in different ways and I thought it’d be cool to share with others!

  3. In Puerto Rico, we celebrate father day today also. The difference is that it is taken very seriously and by this, I mean that everything is closed, just like Christmas day, Thanksgiving and so. We get together at a family members house, drink, eat, play games and even dance. It is a very nice Holiday and Fiesta. This is the first Fathers Day I don’t get to celebrate with him, but luckily I’ll be back home soon.

    1. Oh wow, I had no idea! Thank you for sharing your story! I love learning how different countries and cultures celebrate the same day. I think it’s great that it’s such a big holiday. Parents are an amazing part of our lives, and they should be celebrated more often! I’m glad to hear you’ll be home soon 🙂

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