COVID-19 Cancelled My Trip

Deposit down; excitement up – trip to Europe, here we come! At least that’s what I thought way back when I first found out about the trip. But much to no one’s surprise: COVID-19 cancelled my trip.

What I Was Excited About

Seeing first hand how tall the Berlin Wall was in Berlin, Germany - Study Abroad
Seeing first hand how tall the Berlin Wall was in Berlin, Germany

Anytime I have the chance to go to Europe, it’s exciting. No matter how many times you’ve been to a place [note: I really haven’t been that often], there are still things to learn, see, and experience. And depending on who you go with on which trip, the experience shifts again.

As I age, I gain a deeper appreciation for travel with each trip I take. I acknowledge the dedication that goes into planning each trip; I embrace the thought of learning something new; I cherish the new memories I create. But the excitement quickly came to an end when I found out that COVID-19 cancelled my trip.

Have you heard of the Passion Play?

If not, no worries! This is the main reason I was so excited to go on this trip. The Passion Play takes place in Oberammergau, Germany every 10 years. I heard about it 4 years ago while attending study abroad with my alma mater. We talked about returning to Germany to experience this historic event. According to Wikipedia, “in 1633, the residents of Oberammergau . . . that if God spared them from the bubonic plague raving the region, they would produce a play thereafter for all time every 10 years depicting the life and death of Jesus”. How amazing is it that this tradition continues, and attracts people from all around the world?! Personally, I think it’s pretty neat. But alas; COVID-19 cancelled my trip.

Have you ever travelled with your mom?

Tasting Under the Oaks - MJ sampling some drink - St Simons Food Spirits Festival
Sampling One of Our Favorite Drinks @ Tasting Under the Oaks

Now, here’s the thing to understand: I’ve been to Austria and Germany before. That is not what I’m mourning. I’m sad that I do not get to share this experience with my mother, one which we were both looking forward to. I had the opportunity to go to Savannah, Georgia with my mom, as well as Saint Simon’s Island; however, this was going to be our first international trip together [well, one that I would remember – us moving to the United States when I was young doesn’t count].

My mom is an amazing woman [also she’s a nurse, so keep her in your prayers], who deserves the opportunity to go out and see the world. I’m always talking about my travels and experiences, and I was so excited that we would share this one together. I would share my love of travel with the woman who inspires me the most – it was to be magical; but alas, that is not to be the case. At least not this year.

COVID-19 Cancelled My Trip

Top of the City Views in Salzburg, Austria - Study Abroad
Top of the City Views in Salzburg, Austria

I am grateful for all that I have, for all the people working on the frontlines, and for the opportunity to have this trip rescheduled. It still doesn’t change that I’m disappointed in the current state of affairs that is preventing people from experiencing trips they have dreamed about.

Did you have a trip planned that had to be cancelled? Where were you going? How do you feel about COVID-19 cancelling your trip?

As always, thanks for reading, and I look forward to reading your comments!

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Cancelled My Trip”

  1. I have had three trips cancelled so far, a fourth one that never got past the planning stages, and two more coming up this summer that I am not yet certain about. What was going to be a year full of travel is turning into lots of time at home. But I am blessed with my health and my family, so all is good. I definitely agree with what you said about gaining a deeper appreciation for travel as you get older. That’s me, too.

    1. Oh wow! That’s a lot of trip cancellations. That’s definitely not fun to go through, but like you said, we do have things to be thankful for. Travel time will come eventually; now is the time to prioritize our health and safety.

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