Accessibility at Disney World

Disclaimer: I am an able-bodied individual speaking on accessibility at Disney World.

It never even crossed my mind that I would be able to say I’ve been to Disney World more times than I can count! Okay, I haven’t been that much, but more than the once in a lifetime I was expecting. If interested, check out my previous Disney posts here, here, and here! The cool thing about returning to Disney is that each time I go, I learn something new! This time around, my friend Courtney shared with me about the accessibility at Disney World, and now I’d like to share it with you!

Disability access service Pass:

Picture courtesy of Pixabay; Large crowds at Disney World are a given

The Disability Access Service Pass services guests with cognitive disabilities who may not understand the concept of a line or who may be a dangerment to themselves and/or others when in confined spaces. The pass allows the party to stand in a virtual queue. The pass does NOT provide priority access – there is still a wait time, but it does allow those in need to wait in more open spaces. In order to sign up for this service, head to guest relations in any of the four parks. Everyone in the party must be present to issue the service, and once issued, the pass is active for sixty consecutive days and works in all four parks. This service is NOT intended for guests with mobility disabilities, as all lines are ADA compliant – meaning all wheelchairs and motorized scooters can go through the lines.

Ears to the World:

Picture supplied by Pixabay; official Disney headphones may vary from picture

Available at Guest Relations at each park, Disney provides wireless headphones to guests that support 5 different language translations: French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. At certain attractions, these headphones are synchronized with the English version, so guests can enjoy the same experience and energy as English speakers. In order to receive a set of headphones, a deposit is required and will be returned upon receiving the headphones back on the same day and same location. For more information on the Ears to the World, head here!



One of the most popular rides in Animal Kingdom and the most popular ride of Pandora, Flight of Passage is an experience that many people want to include on their trip to Disney World. In an effort to include all those who may want to participate in this attraction, Disney offers headphones that explains what’s going on the screen for the deaf or hard of hearing.

Experiencing Pandora and Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom

*My friend, Courtney, had an opportunity to personally assist with our former teammate Dillon. She, along with the manager of the ride and land of Pandora, Brett, made it possible for Dillon to experience flying in the air on the back of a banshee. Honestly, it was an experience to remember!

Service Animals:

Pictured provided by Pixabay

Disney supports the use of two service animals, dogs and miniature horses! Did you know that? I was pleasantly surprised to find out about the horses and even more so to find out that my friend has seen several service horses while working at Disney. For more details about service animals at Disney, check out their website which shares specific information about rides and relief areas.


Picture supplied by Pixabay; official Disney wheelchairs may vary from picture

Disney provides on-site wheelchairs at the parks that can be rented and used throughout all four parks, as well as the water parks. You have to return the wheelchair at that park before leaving, even if you’re just heading to a different park. Once you arrive at the different park, you can pick up a wheelchair at that location by showing your receipt. I should also note you are able to bring in your own wheelchair into all the parks.

Accessibility at disney world:

Almost everyone dreams of going to Disney World at some point in their lives. Whether it’s as a child, as an adult, or with children of their own, having that magical experience seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity. To everyone however, the dream may not seem so easily attainable. But Disney wants to help make that dream come true! Are there things they could do better? I’m sure there are, as everyone can always improve, but check out what they’re doing now!

Did you know Disney provided these various accessibility options? Do you know of any more that Disney offers? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Thank you for taking the time to read!

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