5 Tips for a Great Music Midtown

5 Tips for a Great Music Midtown

Every September, in Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia, you can find a large gathering of people enjoying music of all genres. People of all ages, all colors, and all walks of life come together to celebrate the joy of music. The two-day festival takes place on a Saturday and Sunday, starting on noon both days and finishing a little earlier on Sunday [around 10:00PM] than on Saturday [around 11:00PM]. Check out my 5 tips for a great Music Midtown experience!

1. buy your tickets in your advance

This step is crucial, especially if you KNOW you are going to go to Music Midtown. Announcements will be made when the public is able to buy tickets. When you buy a ticket, you automatically purchase a two-day pass, and it’s a bracelet that you have to keep on throughout the two days of the festival. If you buy in advance, the pass will be mailed to you, and you are able to activate it online before heading to the park, and you’ll be able to connect your credit card for purchases [i.e. food, drinks, merchandise, etc.] throughout the park. Waiting to buy your ticket will only cause you to pay more in the end as the prices increase the longer you wait.

2. stay connected

Music Midtown is the perfect place to get lost. Not only is the venue HUGE, but the service throughout the park during the event is AWFUL. Almost all texts and calls I sent did not go through. If you’re going with a group, make sure to have a meeting spot in case you are unable to reach each other by phone. Use the Music Midtown app to know which artists are a priority for your group, so in case you do get split up, you’ll know which artist your group will be seeing at that time, and which stage to head towards. Bringing a portable charger may not be a bad idea either, as your phone will probably be searching for service the entire time, therefore draining the battery faster than usual.

3. stay hydrated

Music Midtown is all about having a great time and letting loose, which 99% of the time includes alcohol if you’re of age. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and in the music and forget to drink water throughout the day. Especially for those staying at the festival for the entire duration, it is essential to drink water periodically during the festival. Music Midtown makes it easy for people to stay hydrated by allowing people to bring in either their own factory-sealed water bottle, or an empty reusable water bottle that they can fill up at one of the hydration stations inside.

4. listen to new artists

Music Midtown is the perfect opportunity to find new talent and discover new artists to add to your playlists. Obviously the headline artists are huge and most attendees will be making an appearance to see their show, but a lot of the other artists are just as good as well. I have been to stages where I did not know one song from the band and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I have also been to stages of well-known artists and not been impressed. Make a plan of action, using the Music Midtown App, to note your “have to see”s and when you don’t have a time dedicated to seeing one of your favorite artists, head to a stage of a new artist!

5. Have fun

Music Midtown is ideal for getting together with a great group of friends for a weekend of good music, strong drinks, and fun times. Forget about all your stress and all your worries, and instead immerse yourself into a culture of relaxation and sweet tunes! One of my favorite past times to engage in is seeing the different outfits throughout the park. Honestly, you will see anything and everything, and I love how everyone is just accepting of what people choose to wear. People are here to just have a good time, and what could be better than that?!

Have you been to Music Midtown before, or a similar music festival? Do you have any tips to add, or would you like to share your experience? Make sure to leave a comment!

20 thoughts on “5 Tips for a Great Music Midtown”

  1. Before I read your post, I had never even heard of Music Midtown before, but it seems like a fun venue! These are great tips– especially the staying hydrated part because of a lot of walking and standing I think and the buying tickets in advance since it seems a lot of people like this event too.

  2. This looks like so much fun. We have a lot of similar events here in Charleston and I agree with these tips. Especially the staying hydrated. It is way too hot here to not have water lol

  3. I currently live in Atlanta (OTP, though), and I had no idea about the Music Midtown Event! Definitely going to look into buying tickets next year. What great tips!

  4. I use to be huge concert go’er when I was younger, and outdoor concerts were always my favorite!! These are great tips that you shared!!! How fun!

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