10 Pictures That’ll Make You Want to Visit Oahu Right Now

The pictures taken on my trip to Hawaii don’t come close to capturing the true beauty the island has to offer, but I tried. Come take a look and see if they make you want to visit Oahu!

I recently took a trip to Oahu, one of the islands of Hawaii. It was truly such an amazing experience. Many times I forgot I was visiting one of the 50 states. The culture is completely different from the mainland. I plan to publish a complete post about my trip next week, but until then, I’ve decided to share 10 of my pictures from the trip in my very first ever photo essay! Enjoy!

La’ie Temple

The view from this temple is indescribable. Breathtakingly beautiful is still an understatement. We grabbed the free tram tour from the Polynesian Cultural Center to see this gorgeous temple!

Let me present to you: Wakiki Beach

Wakiki Beach is the main touristy beach of Oahu. We came to hang out here a couple of times. So much to do here from going to the beach, to shopping, to chilling at the picnic tables, to hanging at the park across the street.

The view from the Pillbox Hike

I’m not a hiker…at all. I seriously didn’t know if I was going to make it up to the top. My calves were burning! And this is the hike that I heard “isn’t even that bad”. Somehow I made it to the top, and I have no regrets. The view was so worth the pain!

Brit with Turtle
Turtle lovin’ at Electric Beach

I had heard great things about Electric Beach, and I was not disappointed. It was truly amazing to see a turtle in its natural habitat, and be that close! Don’t worry…we didn’t touch him 🙂

Shaka on Jet Ski Landing
Getting jet skied out to the large fish community at Electric Beach

The lifeguards at Electric Beach were awesome! They were the ones that helped us find the turtle, then they told us to hang on to the jet ski so we could be brought out to the large fish community further out from shore.

Mermaid Cave wonders
Exploring some mermaid caves

I was in complete awe while exploring these mermaid caves! I banged my head, hands, and legs when the tide was rushing in, but so worth it! Unfortunately, no mermen or mermaids were spotted that day.

Pali Lookout

The view from here was incredible! But beware of the bees, as the sign says. We were so confused as to why that was stated on the sign, but we quickly realized why. The bees didn’t disturb us from enjoying the view though!

Enjoying the catamaran tour

We went on a catamaran tour and it was so relaxing. Getting a view of the island from the ocean was beautiful. We saw a turtle, and some flying fish. That was cool! The flying fish look like little miniature birds.

Snitch can be found at the Honolulu Museum of Art

As most of you know, Lilo & Stitch took place in Hawaii. What you might not have known is that they have a Stitch look-alike called Snitch in the Honolulu Museum of Art. He represents “the impact of foreigners on indigenous cultures”. The museum is really interesting, filled with other great pieces of art.

Learning about the Polynesian culture at the Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center was one of my top favorite places we went. Truly an amazing interactive, hands-on experience! I had a lot of fun, and learned so much.

Well, that’s ten! I hope you enjoyed these pictures, and I hope they gave you a serious case of wanderlust for Oahu! Stay tuned for next’s week post, where I’ll share in more detail what we did and my thoughts of the island. {I’ll also share more pictures 🙂 }. You’ll also get direct access to my vlog from my trip!

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    1. Thank you!! And yes, the weather was great when we went. I think there was only one day when it started to rain, but we just drove to the other side of the island, and it was fine!

  1. Wow! What a great trip you had planned. The catamaran sounds like a blast, and the photos are beautiful! I’m ready to go to Oahu now. 😉
    xo, SC // SCsScoop.com

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